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Longrange blog 152: RPS Titanium
Von Benn am 8. November 2015

Testing the new RPS (Rifle Precision System) bipod. Made of titanium, it weighs in just over 400 grams and offers the same shooting properties from the heavier steel version.

The rules for the Longrange Proficiency test are:
The LR proficiency test is 1 target, 1 minute, 1 shot.
Approved target size:
Target ø 35 cm
Large circle ø 30 cm
Mid circle ø 15 cm
Center circle ø 7,5 cm

Known distance not shorter than 500 meters. To do the test at longer range gives nothing but personal satisfaction.
maximum time allowed is 1 minute or 60 seconds. Inside 1 minute you need to get behind the rifle, adjust your sights and fire your shot. You score according to the hit.

At "start" the rifle shall have the buttstock on the ground with scope set to normal zero (usually 100 or 200 meters) and lowest magnification. The target is cencored via optics or inspection, the bullet needs to strike inside the ring (the normal target practice of breaking the ring is not good enough).

If you want to use rests, shooting tables, ballistics apps - please do, you can start rigging your equipment or opening your app at "START!". The rifle is however allowed to rest on a bipod at start - not everyone is too good with muzzles etc...

You are not allowed any test shots against the LR Proficiency target prior to the test. You can shoot test shots at other targets, these targets must be AT LEAST 25 meters shorter than the LR proficiency target.
(Ie: The LR proficiency target is at 500 meters. Your test shot target cannot be closer than 475m.)

You can shoot the test several times same day IF:
The new test is shot against a new LR Proficiency target placed AT LEAST 25 meters farther out than any target you have shot that day. (Example: The LR Proficiency target was at 500m, you can shoot a new test at 525 meters. You shot a test target at 550 meters before shooting the LR Proficiency test, your next LR proficiency test must then be at least 575 meters).
Wait 2 hrs/ 120 minutes and shoot the test at the same LR Proficiency target (bend this rule if needed, the idea is forcing a new windcall)
Shoot the same LR proficiency target with a different rifle

If no laser rangefinder is available, the following is approved:
600 normal steps out to target, 1000 steps for midgets or children.
600 meters measured with car trip counter.
600 meters measured on a map.
525 meters measured with a tape measure
525 meters measured with a GPS.

This test was designed to be available to ANYONE wanting to try their hand at longrange shooting.
The rules are not extremely detailed, you understand the spirit of it and act accordingly. This is about contributing and taking pride in personal skill. Cheaters will be cheaters and we have no correction mechanisms for that in the LR Proficiency test.

Approved target size:
Target ø 35 cm
Large circle ø 30 cm
Mid circle ø 15 cm
Center circle ø 7,5 cm




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