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First red deer hunt of 2017 - Polowanie na łanie - Hirschjagd - Chasse aux Cerfs
Von Stefan Hennecke am 29. Januar 2017

This is video is showing first couple of outings after red deer in 2017. Plenty of deer about, but I was after hinds. We do selective shooting here, so it had to be a young or barren hind, with no calf at foot. I stalked several groups before I managed to select one for the cull.
I am using Blaser R8 Professional Success in .308 with Hornady 180gr round nose reloads. The scope is Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50. Harkila Pro Hunter suit keeps me warm and I use Acropolis backpack to carry my photo gear.
#harkila #blaser #zeiss #acropolis

Remember most of my videos are subtitled (English + Polish) so switch on Closed Captions (CC) to see my comments and you can enable auto-translation to your native language.

Thanks for watching!

0:28 First group of deer
0:49 Stag
1:37 Second group of deer
2:25 Third group of deer
3:39 Bath fight
7:51 Fourth group of deer
8:04 Shot
8:41 Hind and last bite


My deer stalking blog:


Pierwszy zimowy podchód za jeleniami w 2017. Wszędzie sporo jeleni, ale szukałem jakiejś nieprowadzącej łani i nie było łatwo coś wybrać, ale w końcu się udało.
Sztucer Blaser R8 Professional Success w kalibrze .308, własna elaboracja Hornady 180gr RN, luneta Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50. Strój Harkila ProHunter, plecak Acropolis.

0:28 Pierwsza chmara
0:49 Byczek
1:37 Druga chmara
2:25 Trzecia chmara
3:39 Bijatyka przy babrzysku
7:51 Czwarta chmara
8:04 Strzał
8:41 Łania i ostatni kęs


Mój blog o polowaniu:




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