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Fieldsports Britain - Top Clay Shot's Biggest Pigeon Day
Von Finn Förster am 29. Juli 2015

The pigeons are flocking on to Kent farmland and it is time for Mark Winser (he won the Range Rover at Royal Berks this year) and Andy Crow to get together to deal with them. They get more than 200 between them.

That's not all. Gamekeepers are trying out shiny new rifles on a Derbyshire hillside, there is a £70,000 brand new rifle to gawp at, News leads on foxhunting's best tumbles (see those red coats get muddy), 'Hallo Charlie!' includes a Simon Whitehead DVD offer, and Hunting YouTube looks at the film which films a crow being shot from a camera strapped to the crow. Is it right? Essential viewing, every week, it is Fieldsports Britain.

Here are the links to the items:

Andy Crow + Mark Winser

News Stump

'Hallo Charlie!'

Gamekeeper rifles

Hunting YouTube

Here are the links to Hunting YouTube:
Feliew Chasse
Clarke Boys Hunting NZ
Stuck N The Rut
PN Hunting Video Production
Banded Nation
The HogZone
Hunting Videos TV

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