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Frozen Sheetwater Duck Hunting: Hard Core Waterfowl TV Episode 4
Von Dreispross Kanal am 18. Februar 2016

An abundance of rainfall had scatted birds and made duck hunting difficult, but one of the strongest cold fronts of the year promised a change. The Hard Core Waterfowl TV crew knew it was going to take some work, but after locating a ton of ducks utilizing a freshly flooded food source, they would get to where the ducks wanted to be despite the ensuing ice. After a couple hours of breaking ice to make their way to a point of timber the ducks were using the night before and busting out a hole for the decoys, the hunt was on. It was an afternoon filled with singles, pairs, and small groups of ducks getting coaxed into the decoys with timely, subtle calling!


Dreispross Kanal
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