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10-pointer red stag shot. Deer stalking in Scotland. Polowanie w Szkocji.
Von Finn Förster am 24. Mai 2015

After I shot my first stag this 2012 season I was out following weekend. This time on the far end of our ground where we have a bit more open space. There was some roaring on the moor, but I could only see one big stag in the distance. There was a group of deer closer to me, but there was only a 6-pointer with them, it was not him roaring...
Unfortunately, it looked like they were not coming my way and I thought that was it for the morning when they changed direction and decided to go into the forestry going past my favorite spot.
I made myself ready as a new stag followed the three hinds there were coming my way. The stag was nothing close to the big one on the moor, but a good 10-pointer. He crossed the burn and paused hidden in the bracken looking straight at me. Eventually, he relaxed and came closer to the hinds feeding at the edge of the forestry.
He roared and sniffed one of the hinds when I squeezed the trigger. It was a good shot, but he turned around and slowly walked back towards the moor, I did not want that so shot him again.
After a few hours, half a mile drag and a helping hand from a friend with a quad bike, the stag landed at the dealer...

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