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THLR featured in "Longrange part 2"
Von Special Hunter am 10. Oktober 2017

I've participated in Longrange part 2 (the sequel to Longrange Shooting from Scratch) by

Description from the film company:
"Stress – weather – wind
Our second longrange film picks up where the first one left off. That time we dealt with the basics and laid a foundation for the beginner. This time we add some difficulties.
We’ve filmed a longrange competition in northern Norway. The shooters are put to the test when they shoot against the clock with high pulse and in various positions. The weather both at the match and later is wetter and windier than in the first film. As the terrain varies the challenges get harder. Eventually fatigue and cold prove to be bigger problems than some comparatively uncomplicated moving targets.
Solid routines help to get things right under pressure. We stick to that idea. We use the wind rules from the first film, but we also demonstrate the less known vertical component of winddrift. We throw in some completely new and very simple ways to correct for changes in temperature and airpressure as well as an efficient system for handling various ranges when in a hurry. All in all we think you will find more than a few ideas to test for yourself.
If Longrange Shooting From Scratch helped you get started, we hope this film takes you a few steps further!"

Film no 1 can be streamed here

The first film Longrange Shooting from Scratch was about the basics. In this film we apply the basics and focus a lot more on bringing the basics up to speed under more difficult conditions. Shooting in poor weather, very detailed demonstrations on our windcalls, we shoot a competitions, we shoot moving targets, and we show you how to handle ballistics on the run and what not to worry about.

We also want to show you our distinctly European shooting culture, so we also interview other shooters to give you some insight in how they solve their shooting.

This is a very honest film as I have no desire to gloss over reality or my own weak spots. It is also distinctly European and we do everything with normal gear and it should be accessible for every rifle shooter.

Hardcopies and streaming will be available before Christmas 2017, but we will not be able to deliver English subtitles before Christmas :(.


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