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Roebuck hunting (Reebokken jacht) in Holland with a Blaser R8 .243
Von Matthias Hennecke am 9. August 2017

This season was a interesting one. The first outing I saw an old buck chasing a young buck away. The young buck jumped over the stream and passed in front of me (2 meters). It was going so fast and I could not move because they where to close. Once I had the big buck in the crosshairs, he was already gone. Chasing down the young buck.

The next outing I went back to the same part of our hunting area. But this time I went for the highseat. The wind changed so the highseat was no option anymore. So I went for a little stalk. I was glassing the forrest line and then I saw the same buck feeding in cover. I crawled and slit through the grass untill I was 75 meters away. The buck layed down so I could only see his antlers. I barked, whistled and screamed. But the buck was not moving. Then I stood up and put my rifle on sticks. The buck stood up to check it out. I could make good shot. The buck jumped of on the shot but i heard the bushes cracking. It must be a good shot.

Kit I used:
Blaser r8 professional caliber .243 winchester
80 grains bullets
Zeiss victory HT 2,5-10 x 50 scope
Harris bipod
Zeiss victory 8x42 binoculars
Knobloch shootingstick
EKA Swingblade
Sealskinz shooting gloves
Most of my clothing are fjallraven
Cabella's realtree HT jacket
Snugpak sleeka force 35
Gopro 5 and JVC emperio



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