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Mauser M 03 - The open sight hunter (English)
Von Finn Förster am 21. März 2015

The portrait of a hunter: Henrik Lott - The open sight hunter

Henrik Lott is a hunter from Germany. And he has a specialty: He hunts exclusively with iron sights. Last summer he gave us the opportunity to accompany him with the camera. The requirement to be much closer to his prey and the physical challenge of the stalk are his inner drive. His intensive training and the successful participation in shooting competitions allow him the huntsman-worthy(responsible) hunt without scope.

He found his way to hunting with iron sights when he had almost given up hunting itself. The passive hunt could not longer excite him. Then, a hunting book by an experienced African hunter, who hunts exclusively without scope, opened for him a whole new approach to hunting. Not the trophy or the sheer number of kills now counts for him, but only the way itself to the game and the fulfillment that provides a tough stalk.
However, European game is often smaller in size than African game - especially when we think of roe deer - and thus the shooting distances are very limited and firing must be carried out in an extremely disciplined manner.

Henrik uses a Mauser M 03 with various interchangeable barrels for years. During training and in Germany, he often chooses the .308 Win. For strong game, for example in Africa, he uses the .375 H & H. The Mauser manual cocking system is an enormous safety factor for him when hunting in this very demanding style for both man and rifle.

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