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Longrange blog 238: MSRC stage 12, Find the card
Von Special Hunter am 29. September 2017

Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2017 is THE Scandinavian competition to participate in if you want to develop yourself as a shooter. Good infrastructure, nice people and nice scenery. Come and explore yourself as a shooter.

This is stage 12, Find the cards:
1 minute, 10 shots. Target ordinary playing cards, range 149 meters. Every 6 seconds a card value is read and the shooter must try and keep up. Score points for each correct card hit, lose points for each wrong card hit. Each shooter is limited to ONE row of cards so the area to search isn't too big.

Training and strategy tip for this stage:
The LR Proficiency test will give you the basic skills needed for this stage. Use sufficient magnification to just see the card value. Memorize where king, queen and jack is so you can turn down the magnification and see more cards.

In this film the shots shown are not matched to the actual shooter.

MSRC is hosted by
The match is supported by THLR via the LRPROFICIENCY program.
The 2017 match was supported by



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