Longrange blog 237: MSRC stage 11, Send It.

Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2017 is THE Scandinavian competition to participate in if you want to develop yourself as a shooter. Good infrastructure, nice people and nice scenery. Come and explore yourself as a shooter.

This is stage 11, Send it:
2 minutes, 5 shots. Target 20 cm wide, 25 cm tall, range 365 meters. Shooter stays ready and shoots the target the instant the order "FIRE!" is given. A 2 seconds delay is considered a miss regardless. Score points for each hit.

Training and strategy tip for this stage:
The LR Proficiency test will give you the basic skills needed for this stage. Take the time to build a fully rested position that can be held without any muscle strain. Be familiar enough with your trigger and bring it almost to the breaking point and keep it there until you hear "FIRE!". Remember trigger follow-through and reload in a steady manner as not to break your position.

In this film the shots shown are not matched to the actual shooter.

MSRC is hosted by tlbf.no.
The match is supported by THLR via the LRPROFICIENCY program.
The 2017 match was supported by www.norma.cc



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