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Longrange blog 229: MSRC stage 2, Know Your Limits
Von Special Hunter am 21. Juli 2017

Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge 2017 is THE Scandinavian competition to participate in if you want to develop yourself as a shooter. Good infrastructure, nice people and nice scenery. Come and explore yourself as a shooter.

This is stage 2, Know Your Limits. 5 shots available (must not shoot all), timelimit 90 Seconds and approximately 100 meters range. The shooter starts at the largest target and keeps shooting smaller targets as if he feels confident enough to hit the NeXT target. If the target is hit, you will score Points. If you miss one target, all points are lost.

Training and strategy tip for this stage:
The LR Proficiency Test/ Shooter Error scaled to 100m prepares you for this. The shooting at this stage is very straightforward and the time limit is generous (90 seconds for 5 shots). It is relatively easy to score 6 points (three first circles), but it is hard to score 11 points (four first circles). If you have the sense not to overreach (miss a target and score 0 points), this is a stage where you can score points that will be much harder to get at other stages. Stop shooting the moment you are uncertain if you can hit the next target.

MSRC is hosted by
The match is supported by THLR via the LRPROFICIENCY program.
The 2017 match was supported by


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