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Longrange blog 228: MSRC stage 1, LR Proficiency test
Von Special Hunter am 20. Juli 2017

Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge (MSRC) is THE Scandinavian competition to participate in if you want to develop yourself as a shooter. Good infrastructure, nice people and nice scenery. Come and explore yourself as a shooter.

This is stage 1, the LR Proficiency test. Target ø 35 cm, range 530 meters. The shooter has 1 minute to set everything up and shoot the target with 1 shot only.

Training and strategy tip for this stage:
The LR Proficiency Test prepares you for this (duh!). Practice setting up your gear, this will leave a lot of time for shooting. Adjust scope (or hold) for the minimum windspeed you think it is and then aim towards the target edge, into the wind. If your windcall is correct, you hit where you aim. If your windcall is off (and the wind is stronger) the bullet will drift INTO the target.

MSRC is hosted by
The match is supported by THLR via the LRPROFICIENCY program.
The 2017 match was supported by



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