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Hunting Wild Boar with Miss Hunter of Germany 'Helga Wimmer'
Von Hubert Häring am 12. August 2015

Welcome to another fantastic episode of Realtree Global Hunting. This week we are joined by our good friend Owen Beardsmore of Cervus UK, and a very special guest, Helga Wimmer, Miss Hunter of Germany 2011 / 2012.

We are out in the forests of the Czech Republic on another driven hunt, this time following Miss Hunter of Germany, Helga Wimmer, as she looks set to take a boar or two for the day. The day starts with Helga, and fellow hunters taking part in some local traditions before they head off to their high seats.

With temperatures pretty low and snow in the air, how will Helga fair? Watch and find out!

All hunting on this estate, located just outside of Prague, is part of local animal management. If numbers are left unchecked and unmanaged, there is a very high risk of overpopulation, which would leave many species in the forests malnourished, having to compete for food. So Team Wild, Cervus UK and Helga are happy to help, and take some great game for the table!


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