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Improving Your Long Range Shooting Technique
Von nordic_stonewood am 16. Juli 2016

Team Wild Expert Cai Ap Bryn is out in the hills and valleys of Mid Wales putting his long range shooting technique and skill to the test.

Welcome to the new series of Realtree Global Hunting. We are joined today by Andrew Venables of WMS Firearms Training.

Renowned as one of the UK's top rifle shooting instructors Andrew Venables has 30 years of experience in shooting training, wildlife management and hunting.

Andrew started shooting at the age of eight and is still learning something every day in his mid 50s. He has a lifetime's experience in shotgun and rifle shooting; target shooting; pest control; deer management; driven boar shooting; African hunting safaris; and international wildlife management and hunting.

Sit back, watch enjoy and subscribe for more Team Wild TV.

Great Wall Steed

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