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Balearic Boc Hunt in Mallorca With Steve Wild
Von Dreispross Kanal am 15. Mai 2016

Realtree Global Hunting is back with Pro Hunter Steve Wild on a gripping hunt for the sought after Balearic Boc in the mountains of the beautiful Spanish Balearic Islands in Mallorca.

This indigenous species are often proven to be quite allusive when it comes to tracking them down due to their uneasy nature, making stalking these incredible beasts a difficult feat.

With rocky terrain, dense shrubbery and incredible heat to combat, remaining unseen and quiet can often create extremely tense moments, even for the most experienced hunter.

If you've enjoyed this video and would like to see more exciting hunts from across the globe, don't forget to take a look at our Realtree Global Hunting series, right here on Team Wild TV.


Dreispross Kanal
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