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RWS Short Rifle cartridges: Full performance from short barrels.
Von MOUNTBATTEN HUNTING ® am 22. Januar 2022

Short, handy barrels are well-loved amongst hunters. This trend is increasing now that hunting with silencers is allowed in many jurisdictions. So that a rifle with a silencer doesn't become too cumbersome, shorter barrels measuring between 420 and 550 mm are ordered more often. But beware! Standard ammunition is set up for the typical barrel length of 600 mm. If this ammunition is fired from shorter barrels, it has the following disadvantages: Loss of velocity and energy, reduced effectiveness, intense muzzle flash, loud muzzle blast and accelerated wear on silencers. RWS has developed a loading that has been specially optimized for firing from short barrels without having to accept any reduction in performance – the Short Rifle cartridge.

Benefits of RWS Short Rifle cartridges at a glace:
✔ Optimized for short barrels: The new RWS load is specially formulated for 420 to 550 mm barrels with a fast-burning powder, an appropriate bullet weight and a high-performance primer.
✔ Reduced muzzle flash: Our fast-burning powder significantly reduces both muzzle flash and report in shorter barrels. Now you can keep sight of the target at the instant the shot is fired, which is especially important when hunting in twilight or darkness.
✔ The best choice when shooting with silencers: Short barrels are the first choice for use with a silencer. The complete combustion of this fast-burning powder within the barrel itself not only assures a significantly higher life expectancy for the silencer but also promotes tighter groups.
✔ Full velocity and energy: Thanks to its special formulation, the new RWS cartridge delivers full velocity and energy – even from short barrels. This means that you need not change your hunting tactics when it comes to a short barrel and that you can expect full game-taking power, even at long ranges.
✔ Nickeled cases: Not only do they look chic but they have a practical use. Nickeled cases are exceptionally corrosion-resistant and chamber more smoothly. Stuck cases, especially in semi-automatic rifles, are now a thing of the past.

RWS Short Rifle cartridges are available with three different bullets: RWS EVOLUTION GREEN, RWS HIT and RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL.

Available cartridges:

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