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Red deer rut 2012. Deer stalking in Poland. Rykowisko Mazury 2012.
Von Finn Förster am 11. Juni 2015

I was not planning hunting during the rut in Poland this season, but due to family commitments had to go back home for a few days and managed to go out a few times with my father-in-law. Unfortunately, by the 21st September when we got there, it was all over and only a few younger stags were still bellowing. Only on the first day we heard some roaring and then it all went quiet. The weather did not help as it was much warmer than a few days earlier when the real action was. Nonetheless, we saw a few stags and a really good fight (unfortunately too dark for the camera) but all the stags we saw were 12..14-pointers and quite young and promising, so no shot taken.

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