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September full moon second pig. Wild boar on a stubble. Polowanie na dziki.
Von Finn Förster am 5. Juni 2015

After getting my first pig on a sowing I decided to check another spot the following evening. It was wheat stubble and straws were still on the field. Wild boar quite like these fields as there is still some grain and the straws start to rot and are wet and dump underneath full of bugs pigs also like. There were fresh signs everywhere and the field was bordering the wood with large oak trees, all looked good and promising.
I went for a long walk along the wood, but only saw roe deer and hares. The moon was a bit too high and not really covered enough and it was a bit too windy to my liking. However, when I was about to go home at 21:30 I spotted pigs coming out on the stubble 200m away from where I left my car. I had to go close to the trees and they were on the top of the slope, I had to wait for them to go a bit away to have better view and safe shot.
I could see a sow with a few piglets and 5 large pigs closer to the wood. That was unusual as they looked quite big, but same size to me. It is sometimes difficult to judge the size of animals in moonlight, so I watched them for a good bit. I could not distinguish a sow between them so decided to take any from this group of five. It took a while to get a safe shot, but when I got good backstop and one of the pigs paused broadside I squeezed the trigger and they all but one ran away. The pig dropped on the spot to the .30-06 180gr bullet. It was good bit larger than I expected barren sow that was 83kg at the game dealer.

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