Wild boar hunting 2 - hunting wild boar at night filmed by a thermal imaging camera

In this film you will follow Oliver when he hunt wild boar at night. We use a thermal imaging camera to film the wild boar hunt. Wild boar hunting is both fun and challenging and so is also this hunt for wild boar. After the shot Oliver encounter some challenge when he shall find the wild boar he shot.

We hope that you will find this video about wild boar hunting intresting. It does not matter if it is pig hunting, hog hunting or wild boar hunting, it is all the same but different names around the world. We think that it is always something special when hunting wild boar at night, do you agree?

Please leave a comment and let us know what you think about this video about wild boar hunting. We always aim do do our best, but we can always improve and with out you comments we do not know what to keep and what to improve.

Our goal is to provide hunting films with high ethics, good action and some knowledge.

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Publisher : Tobias Åberg


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