New Tikka T1x MTR (IWA 2018)
The new Tikka T1x MTR is a new rimfire rifle from Tikka. It has the same footprint as the Tikka T3x centerfires rifles and this is a big advantage for the user who want to modify the rifle to get it more personal. At the IWA 2018 we met Miika Tamminen from Sako and he told us everything about the new Tikka T1 rimfire. If you want to learn more about the Tikka T1x MTR, check out this link: Our goal is to provide hunting films with high ethics, good action and some knowledge. SUBSCRIBE: Facebook: Instagram: Homepage: If you want to learn more about the equipment or services we use, please visit our partners: Trijicon: Pinewood: Lafayette: Stalon: Diana Hunting Tours: If you like our films, please subscribe, like and share. We also appreciate your comments, so that we can know what you like and dislike. Publisher : Tobias Åberg