Chamois hunting- State Hunting Reserve KOZOROG KAMNIK, Slovenia
This the first part of our new series State Hunting Reserve LPN KOZOROG Kamnik, Slovenia 🇸🇮. KOZOROG KAMNIK offers maybe the best of the best Chamois Hunts in Europe. This hunt took place in Begunjšćica-Manjka near the Loibl Pass. US & UK-Hunters are welcome! email for request or booking: Gamsjagd im Staatsjagd Revier LPN KOZOROG KAMNIK, Slowenien Anfrage, Buchung: email: Fotos Camera/ Kamera: LEICA D-LUX Gewehr/Rifle: Browning X-Bolt SF 7mm Remington Magnum Recoil Reducer Browning Mündungsbremse/Muzzle Brake Munition/ Ammunition: Winchester Ballistic Silver Tip 150 gr Optics/Optik: Burris Laserscope III riflescope/Zielfernrohr Steiner Fernglas/ Binoculars Wildlife XP 8x44 Steiner ClicLoc Harness System /Tragesystem Scope mounts/Zielfernrohrmontage: Dentler Montagesystem Basis HuntersMapp- the ultimate Hunting app for practice Heavy Interlude von Kevin MacLeod ist unter der Lizenz Creative Commons Attribution license ( lizenziert. Quelle: Interpret: